About The Show


From the creators of the Grammy® Award nominated sell-out show INALA, starring Ladysmith Black Mambazo, comes the world premiere production of VOICES OF THE AMAZON, a beautifully compelling dance and music experience about love and our global reality.

Set amidst the lush landscape of the Brazilian rainforest, VOICES OF THE AMAZON follows the story of Beleza, a water spirit from the Amazon river, whose search to cure her dying sister takes her on a life-changing journey deep into the forest. Entranced by the beauty of the natural world, her eyes are soon opened to the realities of deforestation and the devastating loss of renewable medicines and plants.

Jeremy Irons lends his voice as the narrator, amidst a sensational musical score composed in collaboration with Brazilian songwriters and world-renowned percussionists Olodum. Performed by an exceptionally talented company of 16 dancers, singers and musicians, including The Royal Ballet's Nathalie Harrison, this unique production bursts with live music, song and dance on stage, fusing ballet, contemporary and capoeira.

VOICES OF THE AMAZON promises an exhilarating live experience, embracing the true spirit of Brazil.

In the swirling waters of the Amazon
there lived two sisters
two halves of one whole
the river's daughters.

But their world was changing
And a sickness saw one grow pale, grow thin.

There came a day when Beleza knew she only had one choice to
save the most important thing in her life and venture deep into
the Amazon rainforest.

Where invisible eyes watch
And wild creatures reign.