Charles Damasio


Charles Damasio is a singer, actor and dancer who currently serves as the lead performer for the Fuerza Bruta Company on Broadway and in Argentina, touring to many parts of the world such as Brazil, Uruguay, China and many others.

He participated in the musical Rock in Rio in Lisbon, performing to over 80,000 people; the musical In The Heights on Broadway, as a Swing for the character Graffiti Pitty; the Musical Charlie Brown Junior in Brazil and the musical Rock In Rio Brazil.

He paraded and danced for The Tour Victoria Secrets Monange Dream Fashion, dividing the Catwalk with Xuxa Meneguel and the Top Models Isabeli Fontana and Raika.
He was the Director and Choreographer of the Latin Brazilian Fever Show in which he performed in Egypt, Turkey and Ciphers. Model by Miss Bella, by the American Designer Sean Jhon and run by the Mega Model Agency.