Hicaro Nicolai


Hícaro was born in Barbacena, Minas Gerais, Brazil and began his studies in classical ballet at the age of four. During his childhood and adolescence studied tap dance, jazz, piano, capoeira, Martha Graham's modern technique for five years, singing, drama and in 2003 graduated by the Royal Academy of Dance. In 2004, he joined the SESIMINAS Cia de Dança and in 2007 the Ballet Jovem  Minas  Gerais in Belo Horizonte for five years, being Awarded Best Dancer of 2011 in the Usiminas Sinparc Culture Award. With Ballet Jovem, he had the opportunity to work with great Brazilian choreographers and with Adriaan Luteijn from Introdans, Netherlands.

In 2013 Hícaro moved to São Paulo to work in Monica's Gang's live shows and to study musical theatre in SESI/SP. During his graduation he joined the cast of É Proibido Miar a children's musical and the musical play Hojeé Dia de Maria and in 2016 he graduated from SESI/SP in Musical Theatre.